10 Ways Guys Can Become Gentlemen In This Modern Society


1. Don’t lead her on if you know it won’t work out
Sometimes we think that its going to work even though we know it will not. In that case, as the guy, man up and do what needs to be done. Tell her as it is. Don’t waste her time.

2. Be honest with your intentions
Women are not objects to be used around so if you not ready to date then make her know from the start.Even for a one night stand tell her. There are so many women who would agree to a one night stand.

3. Give her some privacy
Women love to have their own privacy. You need to trust her enough not to feel the need of nosing around through her things. If you feel the need to be nosy then you should question your relationship and the trust you have for her.

4. Respect her
By respecting her it means giving her space when she needs it, respecting her wishes even if they don’t agree with yours and giving value to her thoughts and opinions. It also means that you don’t have to force your opinions on her.

5. Believe in her and support her dreams
As a guy you should help her be the best she can be and by that support her dreams and give her a positive outlook on life.

6. Seriously, listen when she talks
It means show some interest in what she is saying. If you find no interest in what she is saying then be polite and listen for as long as you can. Listen to the words she has to say because at the end of it all people just want to be heard.

7. Be truthful to her
Honesty is the foundation for each relationship. Lies ruin the trust and forces our partners to question the longevity of the relationship.

8. Make her feel loved and special
Being a gentleman means letting her know how incredible she is. Make sure she never forgets how amazing she is.

9. Make her feel secure
As a gentleman you should protect the woman you love. Make her feel safe and secure around you.

10. Don’t desert her
Life can be tough at times and we rarely have control over that most times. As a guy don’t desert her when she needs you the most but instead help her get through it all victoriously.