11 Snapchats That Perfectly Describe A Day In The Life Of A Single Girl


Snapchat, the wonderful creation by Evan Spiegel. Today we look at the Snapchat of single girls so if you know one show them this post and ask them, “Is your life really like this?”

1. PDA, you’d rather just not see that since it makes you cringe



2. You started seeking help in the most desperate places
2When Tinder doesn’t work well the next logical step is just horoscope


3. This is what post-Saturday night looks like
3When your friends head home with their boyfriends/hookups you go to eat


4. You don’t understand why people aren’t talking to you
5For some weird reason you are getting constantly ignored at the bar yet a chick who is less hotter has men lining up….The world just isn’t fair


5. You accept love wherever you can get it


6. The man in your life is called NETFLIX

Nothing is better than Netflix


7. This is what your “dates” look like
9Sometimes they might even be better than real dates with men


8. Is this the type of man we have to look forward to?
10Guys like this make single girls stay single


9. This is what every meal you have during the week essentially look like thus

10. The only thing you’re cuddling up tonight
12And you will still enjoy it.

11. The only thing that is “special” in your life looks like this