20 Uniquely Awesome Date Ideas. #6 Would Freak Everybody Out.



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    • James Earl Jones

      Suck a fat one, find something better to do.

  • Joan Michelle

    Lamest date ideas ever.
    You might as well admit you have no ideas for cool things to do.

    • Scott

      You wouldn’t understand because you’ve apparently become old and boring. Most of these ideas are great, but you have to be a kid at heart to get why they’d be fun.

  • Sunshine1011

    Wow is this stupid.

    • not even! i done like halfa these already

  • jessica

    This is actually pretty cool!! They might be silly but who cares, when you have a partner you should want to make funny memories like these. It’s about bonding with each other. I know I want to do some of them!

  • Deival

    You guys are boring if you can’t at least find five things to do out of this list. Come on. Learn to use your imagination again, remember how the hell to have fun doing childish things. Especially with impromptu adventures! Get out there and quit wasting your time.

  • djtrixalot

    This is cute. I like some of these, except the ones where I would have to stay up all night. Adult jobs suck

  • Katy Wilkerson

    A couple of them sound kind of fun, but most are a little lame

  • Tisha Post

    If we were 30 years younger they would be fun.

    • Jump

      You keep telling yourself that… for everything out of your comfort zone…

    • Eric Emptypockets

      You should never tell yourself that your too old to have fun.

  • Carl Ross

    If you are with the right person, all of these could be fun…. at any age, it is all about attitude.

  • Richard Frost Novak

    totally lame

  • Troglodyte

    Number 17 is a good way to get stabbed.

    • Jenn Ashley

      i was thinking the same thing lmao.

      • Amy Muir

        I was thinking that about #12 :O

    • Todd Phinsfan Trievel

      #12 might get you stabbed too, depending on where you live.

    • Ben

      It really depends on where you do it. This would work well here at the University of Minnesota. Maybe even crossover into some other event like humans versus zombies. If you try this in Chicago south side you will die.

  • FunGuy

    Hahaha. All the single people with boring lives be like “This is totally lame” “This is stupid” haha. Must suck to be alone. πŸ˜›

    Doesn’t always have to be about what you are doing…. Sometimes its all about who your doing it with! πŸ™‚

    • Jimmy Bobby

      Dear Dipshit, yup, I’m really depressed here in Fort Lauderdale being wealthy, attractive, single, dating beautiful women and not doing the gayest shit imaginable like turning things upside down in friend’s condos. I’m sorry that you and Jabba the wife have to do these sort of things to distract you both from how bulbous, boring and heinous you both are. I’d wait for your reply but you’re probably out reenacting some gay play in front of a security camera with your repulsive beast of a wife. Peace:)

      • twofirstnamesmakesyougay

        Way to be an arrogant cunt, i’m sure no one will ever want to spend time with you.

      • Jay

        I love how pathetic and worthless you come across. Keep it up, scrub.

      • Jake Johnson

        Yet in truth you are probably an ugly, fat, piece of shit asshole, this is ment for people who actually want to enjoy life and not be a miserable prick, just like you are being πŸ™‚ have a nice life cunt bag. PEACE BITCH

        • Jimmy Bobby

          Thanks ‘Jake’. From your profile pic we can tell that you are fugly because fugly people don’t put them up. I’m sorry your mad at my pic of me skiing in Vail. With other attractive people #lickmyballs #nevermindurmomsgotit

      • Nick Bocchicchio

        Just ignore him, guys. I’d be angsty too if I had two first names.



        • Jake Johnson

          which is probably why your pedo looking ass is single too

      • John Smith

        I made an account just to give you props on your comment. Hahahaha.

      • Heather Hill

        Aaaaaaaand this is why you’re single. #douchebag #tool

      • ItinJ

        Hey… Leave the gays out. We think these are weak ideas too.

        • Jimmy Bobby

          Right you are. All apologies.

      • Mynhardt Van Schalkwyk

        hahahahaha you’re the boss…fkn classic

      • LG

        Wow. You may be wealthy and single, but by the look of your photo, you aren’t very attractive. Also, your attitude makes you even uglier. Now go take some of that money and go buy yourself a date.

        • Jimmy Bobby

          By the look of your sad grey shadow ‘pic’ you’re pretty mad about your tumble from the ugly tree. You know, the one where you hit every branch with your face on the way down?

          • Elyssa Gideon

            Dude. With all your money and awesome date ideas you apparently have, don’t you have something better to do? Grow up. You sound like an asshole still in high school

      • Kendra Copeland

        Is that why you troll the internet posting strictly negative comments on everything? You are so happy that you look for stuff to piss you off…like a list of freaking date ideas? Is that what you do when your young beautiful women leave you mid-date to use the restroom and never return? Money can buy you a lot of things, even good looks and dates with beautiful women… But you can’t purchase a personality.

        • Jimmy Bobby

          Thanks for the advice Kendra. Say did it hurt when that hot shovel hit you square in the face? πŸ™‚

          • Kendra Copeland

            Not as much as that stick up your ass

  • Sokiko

    awww this is cute! <3 Love the ideas

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  • Carrie MacMillan Mabry Donohue

    I love this!! It sounds like so much fun

  • ArdeeJo

    Do not do 4, 13, 18 or 20 ! Eco footprint too stomping high!

    • guest

      20 is just drive to the beach… I think that the environment can handle it

      • poolboy1988

        From Kansas!?

        • fungusmonk140

          If the environment can handle a single volcanic eruption spewing out more carbon emissions than all the cars on earth could produce in 10 years…I think it can handle your crappy Prius making a drive from Kansas to Virginia.

    • Bonsall Billy

      Aren’t you just a bunch of fun! Good golly, Mabel! The planet can handle this.

    • germs

      How’s about only do 4,13,18&20 just to piss you eco freaks off

      • Kevin O’Quinn

        Some coworkers and I did something similar to 18 back in 1998. We put a bunch of countries in a hat and randomly drew names. The idea was to go to a non-English speaking country alone for two weeks and have an adventure.
        I wound up in Novosibirsk, Russia. Met a nice girl there and still keep in touch.
        It wasn’t really all that hard. It turns out that English is the most commonly taught second language in the schools over there.

    • Devon Brian Scofield

      youre such a liberal piece of shit….
      ill drive as much as i fucking want, i drive 2 hours a day at least and just because i read this ignorant comment im gonna go on detours to try and create as much of an eco footprint as i can

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  • CommonCents


    • Jake Johnson

      Writing Stupid as “stooopid’ makes you stupid

  • Ferdinand_Bardamu

    I guess No. 20 assumes you live on the East Coast. Sunrise over the Pacific doesn’t exactly work so well.

    • Benjamin Krouskop

      The ocean isn’t the only place you can find a beach.

    • Ajulasi

      Europe anyone?

    • Ged

      I guess your comment assumes everyone lives in America. Sunrise over the Pacific is fantastic here in Australia.

  • lucymayshell

    These all sound fun!! My bf and I are gonna do them!!

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  • jen

    My husband and I established the “dance floor” in our living room and have our own dance party in our living room. Best time ever. Try it.

  • amora

    Obviously this was written by someone that’s not in a an imaginary relationship.

  • Bethany Morgan Rhodes

    Me & My fiancΓ© tried number 18 today. Now we are a bad part of Newark NJ Help!

  • Holly

    I think these are adorable… I like to be crazy or silly at times, these would be fun

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  • Sylvia

    You forgot… GeoCaching!


  • crap

    Written by an immature idiot for the like.

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  • devorahf

    When you use text embedded in an image, the contents are not searchable. That means you’re not as viral as you could be… Just sayin….

  • Alexia Hudson

    These would be fun do with your kids too. I know it defeats the purpose of “the date” but I can see how you could create some lasting memories. πŸ™‚

  • Marylou Dirkin Elliott

    Stupid. Did a 4 year old write this?

  • Bob Dobbins

    I try to talk my significant other into number two all the time. I fail. I can’t even try a cheesy line at the grocery store when we are together.

  • Kayla Noelle

    18 would be cool!

  • Dariel Saldana

    I think that number 6 is pretty funny if you write something scary in it. Check out http://weare.worldventures.biz

  • Sean

    These are too beyond ridiculous to consider and too boring and stressful to be enjoyable

  • jim

    #4 would actually just take you back along the same route once you turned around….

  • Well

    It would be great in the first month or two of dating, before everyone becomes complacent and resorts back to normal life of work and resentment. Grown ups are too tired from being overworked to put forth effort into relationships, at least in American anyway. So that’s why greeting card companies and florists are doing well – not much effort involved to let the person you love know that you care. When my boyfriend and I first met, we often went on whimsical dates such as the ones listed here, but now we work too much and rarely see each other. And when we do, we argue about finances. We’re like 99% of all Americans and we’re tired. It’s an unfortunate truth and those who think otherwise have either yet to be in a relationship, or are in a new one that has yet to become a product of real adulthood.

  • I don’t care if I’d be 60 years old… Gonna seduce my boyfriend to go on a date with me πŸ˜€ Damn, these dates are way too cool!! Be silly and create adventure. Life happens outside your comfortzone

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  • Bruce Carter

    Do all 20 and prove you’re an unimaginative nerd.

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  • Anna Bernice Connor

    If only this was posted by a man and I knew this man cause I would marry this man!!!!

  • Sara King

    I’ve done about half of these with lover or friends. Cuz that’s just the kind of person I am. Always being silly and having fun.

  • Sara King

    One of my own: around midnight head to the nearest nature trail. Make up stories of a serial killer that has never been found, then play hide and seek. Lots of thrill and fun. At dawn go to the nearest breakfast joint. Go home and curl up together in a warm soft blanket. Or better yet if you have a hot tub. Soak for a minute together before you head in for the sleep. You’ll have a blast with your friends. Or as a date, coming from a female taking guy on a date. He’ll have a blast. Guys love spirited free women that know how to have fun.

  • Jimmy Bobby

    Fuck this is stupid.

  • Kevin O’Quinn

    Once did a variation of #6. Left a message in a good book saying that if the reader was a single woman that liked that kind of stuff to email me for a date. It worked.

  • Brandy Jean Evans

    With friends, on a date, even with my kids…any of these would be fun!

  • Annikka

    how is putting notes in books freaky?

  • Pole #RealNigga

    This shit is gay af. Just get some weed and fuck for hours

  • Darwin Carozza

    #4 would bring you right back to where you started, because you are taking the same turns in reverse order….

  • Tyler Gascoigne

    This sucked lol how about dinner and a movie

  • Kayla Gonzalez

    This list gave me cancer

  • i’m not sure why #6 would freak people out. this is something people do all the time …