8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kissing


1. Did you know that open-mouth kissing allows for the transfer of hormones from a man to a woman? Mucus membranes in the mouth are permeable to hormones like testosterone, which a man can introduce into a woman’s mouth through kissing. The testosterone then increases arousal in the woman, which leads to higher chances of sex!

2. Remember the scene in “27 Dresses” where Katherine Heigl’s character finally kisses her crush/boss and she says it just doesn’t feel right? That’s because kissing is the ultimate “mate assessment tool” that allows us to find a partner who we are genetically compatible with. That’s why first kisses can make or break a relationship. Biology can determine whether two people are compatible or not. 

3.  The taste and smell of a person’s mouth can signal health issues — both in general (to a doctor, for example) and to the partner. Women seek signs of a healthy partner that can provide security for them and their future children. Men, on the other hand, seek healthy women to become mothers and raise their offspring. 

4.  We can do squats for our booty, lift weights for Michelle Obama arms, and leg curls to develop a stronger stride — but when it comes to our faces, kissing is the ultimate workout to keep our facial muscles strong. Our cheeks are kept tight and supple when we engage around 30 different muscles in our faces when kissing. 

5.  Kissing obviously is also an exchange of saliva between two people. But did you know that the salts, minerals, and other substances in saliva that cause the smell of your breath to change can also regulate a woman’s receptivity to sexual activities? 

6.  Prostitutes are said to avoid kissing their clients to reduce the likelihood of bonding or emotional attachment. 

7. Kissing reveals a lot about the kisser and his or her compatibility with the other person. Women use kissing to evaluate a man’s potential in a short-term relationship through the intensity and frequency of the kissing. While women are on the lookout for short-term relationship clues, they are also seeking signs of whether there is potential for the relationship to grow. 

8. Kissing has long been recognized as a good way for our bodies to pass along bugs that help build immunity. Once you’ve contracted a bug, your body then learns to strengthen itself despite showing symptoms of a cold or flu. Kissing merely helps expedite our immune system-boosting processes.