9 Signs That Show You Can Trust Someone With Your Heart


1. This person has never lied to you as far as you know

Despite the fact that no one likes to be lied to, no one wants to know the truth all the time. However, there are some lies that shouldn’t be told especially if they are done out of malice or deception. You don’t want to be with somebody who lied to you in the past.

2. You have known the person for more than a year

Once u say the three words, it moves your relationship to the next level so you don’t want to do it so soon even though you are falling for that person.

3. They told you that they ain’t going anywhere

If the person is not planning to go away then they make you feel safe. It shows that the person wants you to trust them and one day be able to exchange those words with you.

4. The person has always treated you well and respects you

Before you can trust anyone make sure they actually respect you and treat you well, if they don’t then don’t expect them to change.

5. They enjoy your company

Before you tell someone that you trust them, check to see if the person is always there when you need them but is not always the one in need and also if they do enjoy your company. It shows that the person cares for you.

6. Always there for you when you are in need

The person you should trust is the person who is there with you at your most difficult time and supports you through it all, never gives up on you and never let’s you go.

7. Willing to compromise on some things

If the person is not willing to compromise on some things at the start of the relationship then they will not be willing to compromise on so many things throughout your relationship.

8.The person is trustworthy

You need to be able to trust him or her with your deepest secrets before you can admit that you love him or her. If you rely on him or her to keep your secrets then you should be able to do the same.

9. Are you ready?

Before moving onto the next level in the relationship you should ask yourself if you are both ready to move on to the next level. Moving to the next level should be a mutual agreement.