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9 Couples Who Need To Be Stopped

    1. Why?   2. Welcome to my butthole ..SOOO ROMANTIC   3. “Let’s not laugh, let’s look as uncomfortable as possible”   4. Human waste is surely the spark of their love   5. Who is taking the pictures?   6. Pretending

12 Arguements Couples In Their Twenties Have

  1. Whether it’s appropriate to have your phone out during a fancy meal.   2. Coming home drunk and making a racket.   3. Uploading photos to Instagram without permission.   4.  When play-fighting gets a bit out of hand.   5. Whether

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kissing

1. Did you know that open-mouth kissing allows for the transfer of hormones from a man to a woman? Mucus membranes in the mouth are permeable to hormones like testosterone, which a man can introduce into a woman’s mouth through kissing. The testosterone then

18 Ways To Know What you Are Feeling Is True Love

Love is the most addictive drug and almost every person wants to experience love. The one thing more powerful than love is True Love. True love doesn’t happen every day so if you ever encounter it, make sure you cherish it to your fullest.