New App Apparently Helps You Cheat On Your Partner ‘Easier’


Sometime last year Ashley Madison was hacked and very many cheating men were exposed with some lives getting ruined. Well there are some out there looking for a new way to continue with this hobby.

A new app by the name Swytch could be revolutionary for those who are not satisfied with just one partner. It allows you to have five additional mobile numbers to use on your existing smartphone.


You can call or text somebody you definitely shouldn’t be texting by simply selecting which number to use. It eliminated the need of getting a new phone. This is what the CEO and Co-Founder of the app, Chris Michael, said about it:

If having access to more than one number makes it easier for people to have affairs, then it happened a long time ago when Pay As You Go SIM cards became available. Swytch makes it possible for people to have multiple numbers on their existing mobile phone, and while this may assist people who have already decided to have affairs, I cannot believe that would be a factor in their decision to start one.

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Facebook made it easier to meet people and dating app Tinder literally made it easier to hook up with people.

Well you can also use it for business so as to separate your number from your private life.