18 Ways To Know What you Are Feeling Is True Love

true love

Love is the most addictive drug and almost every person wants to experience love. The one thing more powerful than love is True Love. True love doesn’t happen every day so if you ever encounter it, make sure you cherish it to your fullest. So how do you know if the love you feel is True Love? Check out this list

  1. Their happiness is more important to you than your own.
  2. You feel more relaxed than you have ever felt your entire life.
  3. You can get angry, happy or depressed around them and you know it won’t change how they feel about you.
  4. No matter how long it takes them to understand something you still ready to explain it again and again.
  5. You don’t desire other people even if you find some of them attractive.
  6. You willing to compromise on things you wouldn’t compromise on normally.
  7. You never grow tired of their company even if you don’t have anything to tell each other. It always feels good when you around them.
  8. You always dreaming of ways to take care of them.
  9. Always want to listen to them.
  10. When you fight you truly don’t want to be mad at them.
  11. You find them to be more cuter when they are asleep as weird as it sounds.
  12. You wake up happier if you know you will get to see them that day
  13. When you see something you think of how happy it will make them be.
  14. You would rather have them act weird than anyone else.
  15. You still go over to their place no matter how late it is and how tired you are.
  16. You associate certain things with them like scents and songs.
  17. You have moments of insecurity but their reassurance makes it fade away.
  18. They can come at you with anything including secrets and you won’t judge them for it