9 Things We All Know But Were Never Taught To Us


1. Always Wear Nice Underwear, you never know when you might get lucky or need a doctor

2. No one cares about the two weeks you “lived” in America/ Europe/Asia… Stop bragging about it

3. You are not as weird as you think you are…. every one feels a little different than the rest

4. Always be yourself unless you are an arrogant bastard

5. It’s ok to change your mind about people and things in your life….just try to make sense

6. Don’t complain about your life because you don’t have the car or house that you wanted…Being unlucky means something else

7. Work as slowly as you can but pretend it’s impossible to work any faster

8. No one will grant your wishes you better make them happen

9. You can’t get rid of your fears…but you can learn to live with them