How One Night Stands Usually Go

1.  Sudden

Well yes, unfortunately it ends before it really even begins



2 Worst. Words. Ever.

If she says this after a one night stand, especially if you went without protection, you should definitely head to the STD specialist, ASAP.


3. Pretty True

One night stands are fun in the moment, but we would be lying if we did not say most of them leave us running straight for the nearest shower.


4. Hit & Run

When you have a chance to escape the one night stand that seems to be morphing into something more before your eyes, you take it and run.


5. Good Friends, Great Friends

Great friends are right by your side trying to get a one night stand with her friend, just like the cocksmen that you are!



6. Please Leave

Obviously JJ here does not quite comprehend the meaning of the one night stand. It is not the one night and half a day stand, it is the one night stand.



7. Cuh-Reeeper

This chick is the well known crazy girlfriend, but even worse than a crazy girlfriend is the insane chick you met during a one night stand who could never quite let it go.


8. The Love Child

Many a one night stand have turned into the lifelong responsibility that is a child, we just hope Bucky the Beaver is ready for the big news.

'Hi Craig. Its Tanya. Remember me? Spring break?... Cancun?... And that one crazy,wonderful night of unbridled night of passion? Yeah, well there's someone you should meet.'


9. The Morning After

He was a prince the night before when he was wining, dining, and whispering sweet nothings in her ear. Not so much the morning after when it is time to kick the princess out…